January 23, 2014


Though Sagada is located some 1500 meters  above sea level, food choices are abundant. There are several restaurants to choose from. Some of these that I tried myself were the following:

Pinikpikan House - as the name of the restaurant suggest their specialty is   pinikpikan. Pinikpikan is a local dish and very famous in the Cordillera region. it got its name from the word "pikpik" meaning light beating.  It is like a chicken stew/soup but the big difference is the way the chicken was prepared. According to  a friend who was born and  raised in the province, the live chicken should be beaten with a stick before cooking. This  process keeps the blood inside the chicken avoiding less blood spill when cut. Preferably use native chicken because its meat is tastier compared to a broiler chicken. When the chicken is already without life, tossed it into a fire to burned off the feather and clean it afterwards cut it to pieces. They  use Etag or Itag to add  flavor to the water. Etag is a sun dried meat also a famous local dish in the region.  For commercial purposes, they put vegetables as an added recipe just like what the Pinikpikan House served  us. The restaurant also have other dishes to choose from including set meals. At the back of the restaurant are  beehives which the owner gladly showed to us. 
Yogurt House -  one of the more famous restaurant in town is the Yogurt House. The restaurant's specialty is of course, yogurt. Their menu consisted mostly of western based foods. So, don't be surprise if you see many foreigners dining here.
yogurt with blueberry
clubhouse sandwich
Tip: If you plan to eat here  be sure to be at the restaurant  way ahead of meal time or better  yet don't come here when you are already hungry because waiting time to be seated  is really long especially during peak season. They don't accept reservation. In our case we waited almost one and half hour. By the time we were seated it was already half an hour before they close and some of the menus are not available anymore. Their prices compared to other restaurants are much higher. 
Gecko Inn -  I included this in the list because the hostel have its own restaurant in shade of pink and it was in this inn were I tasted a delicious -flavorful- fried chicken. It was cooked by the hostel's owner.  I'm not sure though  if they also serve to non guests. 
 Tip: Sagada is implementing curfew beginning at 9:00pm. By this time the shops and restaurants are already closing their stores. At 10:00 pm it is already like a deserted town.

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