January 6, 2014


I spent my growing up years here in the Heritage town of Vigan. Back then it was still a municipality, life was more laid back though there were already many tourists visiting the town. I vividly remember that one time our Italian friend loves Vigan so much that he even came by to visit en route to Japan for his political party's conference.
The town's history dates back to the 16th century when the Spanish explored the northern area of the Philippines. It was  Juan de Salcedo who founded the town and named it "Villa Fernandina" in honor of the King of Spain's son, Prince Ferdinand. 
According to the legend, the name Vigan  was  derived from the plant Biga'a when Juan de Salcedo asked a native what's the name of the place but the local misunderstood and instead answered Biga'a thinking that  it was the plant that he was asking. In 1758 the seat of the Archdiocese of  Nueva Segovia was transferred to Vigan  from Lallo, Cagayan and the town was later on renamed  to "Ciudad Fernandina de Vigan" 
Vigan , which by the way is an island  bordered by three  rivers namely, Mestizo, Abra, and Govantes added another feather to its cap when it was inscribed  in the United Nations World Heritage Lists of Sites and Monuments on 1999 for its well preserved European colonial architecture and Asian building design. This is very evident along the cobble stone covered Crisologo street.
On January 22, 2001 it became a city through a plebiscite election, it is an election process where the vote is either "yes" or "no". From then on Vigan never stops. It has won several  national awards like Cleanest and Greenest City and Most Child Friendly City. And currently it is competing in the UN New 7 Wonders.

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