July 9, 2017

Schengen Visa: One Pass For 26 Countries

5  European countries came together on the 14th day of June in 1985  to form  and conceptualize “ The Schengen Agreement” . Spearheaded by Germany, France, Luxemburg , Belgium and Netherlands,  all member states of this newly form state union will  have  free trade access and a uniform visa. It means that if a person has a valid visa in one of the member states he/she can freely move around the Schengen area without securing additional  visa from each of the other member countries. It works similar to that of the United States of America.  Schengen, for those who don’t know yet, is a small town in Luxemburg and not some kind of jumbled words.

Where Can Your Philippine Passport Take You? (Visa Free Countries)

In my previous post about travelling with a third world passport (click here for the link) I wrote that there are countries that Filipinos can  visit without a visa or get a visa upon arrival.

Travelling With A Third World Passport

My recent trip to the South America was a once in a lifetime experience. It was also at this time wherein I realized that indeed travelling with a passport from a third world country has its own perks.