September 21, 2013


From Baguio, it is a six(6) hours butt-numbing ride via the scenic Halsema Highway. Sometimes, travel would take almost seven (7) hours or more depending on the road situation with two (2) stop overs for meal.The  Lizardo bus lines is the only bus that ply the route for 220pesos ( around $5-6).Their trips starts as early as 5:00 am every hour until 1:00pm but  it is better to be at their Dangwa terminal earlier because seats  are sold out even before the bus arrives  due to high number of passengers and it leaves the station once its already full not following the trip time schedule.
The passenger's line for bus tickets

Views on the Halsema Highway
In Sagada, a one time registration fee of 35pesos (less than $1.00) is required for all tourists regarding of how many days you intend to stay. It is recommended to avail of a guided tour to avoid being lost or worse , accidents.Tour informations are available at the Tourist Information Center located right at  the town center. I would suggest to Look for tour companions to save on tour guide fees , who  knows they will end up your friends just like my group.
Tourist Information Center
  Here are the  most  popular tours and corresponding fees:
1A. Echo tour /Baw eng valley- it's  a three (3) hours hike and trek depending on the pace of the group. For group of ten , fee is 600pesos ( $15) .  You can take this tour if you arrive in Sagada early in the afternoon or just after lunch. Included in this tour are: visit to St. Mary's Church,  hanging coffin, underground river and to Bokong Falls or the small Falls.

  B. Echo Valley Hanging Coffins -  A visit to the hanging coffins' view point or up close only. Fee is P200 for up to ten(10) people .

2A.  Cave Connection - for our group of ten, we paid 400pesos ($10) each  for  three (3) guides plus another 40pesos($1) each for  the jeepney ride from the city center to the cave's jump off point and back.  This tour is the most physically demanding among all the tours they offer . Tour starts by entering the Lumiang Cave and exit at Sumaging cave. On the way is a view point to the rice terraces and the Dokiw hanging coffins.  This 3-4 hours spelunking  is not recommended for those who are afraid  of heights and darkness and  especially, those who are suffering from claustrophobia and have faint heart.

 B.  Short Course Caving - basic caving  tour  offered at a lower price , this includes a visit  to the entrance of the burial cave also known as Lumiang   Cave where you can see the hanging coffins up close , go back to drop off point and proceed to  the  chamber entrance and exit point  of the  Sumaging Cave. Our guide called this chamber "the Mall" because this is were most tourists go. Fee is P500 for every  group of  4 people.

Tip: Caving requires rock climbing, wading in water ,sliding and walking using your bottom so better wear something light and  comfortable.  For footwear, I would recommend flip flops or rubber sandals. We were asked to remove our footwears for major part of our spelunking.

Viewdeck for Dokiw hanging coffins
3. Bomod-ok Falls - this falls is also called Big Falls. From the town proper hire a car or jeepney for P1,150.00 back and forth. Fee is P600.00 for group of ten(10).

Note: During summer months, March to May,  the waterfalls  is only at 1/8 of  its water on other months.

4. Kiltepan Sunrise -  although this is relatively new, many tourists are now considering this tour as a must. The view site is 15 minutes  drive away from the town center and begins at 4:30 am.

For our group we did the Echo Valley Tour on the afternoon  of the  day we arrived in town. The following day we had Cave connection in the morning and after lunch we went to Bomod-ok Falls.  It is possible to have Kiltepan Sunrise on your 2nd day or 3rd day if you are not yet tired.

Exchange rate is peg to $1 - P40

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