"It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves".- Andre Gide
I developed my interest for travelling when I was still young. I would go from one place to another with my mother or  accompany my  grandmother every time she visited my Uncle and Auntie who were living in another Province. This then continued until I was able to travel alone. There were times when they would let me go on a vacation during school breaks and return only when school is about to resume.
Photo Credit: Roxane Villanueva

As I am  growing older, I am also becoming more adventurous. I travelled to some places that are off the beaten path. I begun climbing mountains and searching for hidden falls. In the process, I met lots of people.Some even became my friends. From a young girl who always tagged along with her mother I became a "fearless" woman  discovering places that were once only in my dreams.
As I discover places that are new to me, I found out that taking  photographs are not enough. I should share my travel experiences and adventures so others can take inspiration and maybe learn something out of it. Thus, I'm finding myself going back again to my old passion which is  writing and integrating it with my new hobby, photography, and the result is this blog.


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