January 17, 2013


Warning: Photo Overload!

Disneyland Paris is home to two them parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios  plus seven hotels. It is the second Disney to open outside of USA following Disney Tokyo.

January 15, 2013


The Seine River is a very important waterway of Paris. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1991. 


The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris also known as Sacré-Coeur Basilica is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This minor basilica is located at the highest point of the city, at the summit of Montmarte.
Aside from being a Roman catholic church, it is also considered as a double monument; political and cultural.At present the Basilica is said  to be  dedicated in honor of the 58,000 who died during French Revolution.
just one of the many side attractions at the Sacre-Coeur
with Ate Myra at the church's entrance, at our back is Paris' panoramic view
 A type of stone with calcite properties was used to ensure that the basilica would  remain white. This stone is travertine stone from Chateu-Landon in France.
At the apse is one of the world's largest mosaic called Christ in Majesty. On the high altar is the Blessed Sacrament said to be installed in a monstrance since 1885.
The top of the dome is open for tourists. However, photography and video is prohibited inside the basilica. There are two ways to reach the basilica, by the stairs or the funicular located at the left side when facing the basilica.


The Notre Dame de Paris ( "Our Lady of Paris") or simply Notre Dame is one of the largest and well-known churches in the world. It is the cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Paris. 
 The cathedral is famous for its reliquary that apparently houses some relics in the Passion of Christ namely; the crown of thorns, a fragment of the True Cross and one of the Holy Nails.
The Notre Dame's  architecture  is said to be the finest example of Gothic architecture in France and Europe as well.
 The flying buttress(arched exterior supports) around the choir and nave  of the Cathedral was added to the original design as a added support. Small statues like gargoyles and chimeras were individually crafted and placed outside as supports for columns and water spouts.
For closer view of the bell and gargoyles and panoramic view of Paris, there is a narrow spiral stairs of 387 steps going to the top.
Near the altar is a scale model of the cathedral made of wood. Glass encased-displays also shows how the cathedral was constructed.

January 14, 2013


This time I was accompanied by Ate Riza , a friend of my friend Myra, and her daughter who was so eager to pose for my camera. We availed the Bato Bus tourist boat that ply in the Seine River. It is much like a hop on hop off bus. The Louvre is one of their stops.
The Musée du Louvre or  the Louvre Museum is the world's most visited art museum. The famous central landmark of Paris is almost rectangular in shape. The museum has three entrances; main entrance is at the pyramid another is at the Carrousel du Louvre underground shopping mall and the third is at the Porte des Lions near the Denon Wing.
The  pyramid is controversial because many believe that the futuristic structure is out of place and it  was also rumored to have 666 glass pane,  has two smaller pyramids on its side.  The larger pyramid was built no only as  the main entrance but the lobby below  serves to accommodate the large influx of tourists. It is estimated that almost 15,000 visitors visit the museum everyday. The Pyramid Inversee or the Inverted Pyramid made famous by the "The Vinci Code" novel and movie is located at the Carousel du Louvre shopping mall.
pyramid at the entrance
 The Louvre contains more than 380,000 objects which  includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, and archaeological finds. The most popular attraction is,of course,the Mona Lisa. 
photo op with The Mona Lisa
The enormous museum has 10 departments namely:
 1.  Oriental Antiquities
 2.  Egyptian Antiquities
 3.  Greco-Romans Antiquities
 4.  Paintings
 5.  Sculptures
 6.  Art Objects
 7.  Art of Islam
 8.  Prints and Drawings
 9.  Medieval Louvre
 10. Arts of Asia, Africa, Oceania and      Americas

They allow cameras and videocameras but with no flash..Below are some(many actually) of the pictures I took during my visit:
with Ate Riza's cute daughter and her stuff toy

DREAMS, PLANS, and HOPES for 2013 YEAR of the SNAKE

I am not really into horoscopes or any of that kind but  I've been hearing and reading  lately   that for someone who was    born on the year of the snake  will be lucky or perhaps luckier this year..Since I was born on a year of the snake therefore, this year is my lucky year!!


Late last year I was  contemplating on buying my own domain.I think owning a domain is a dream for any blogger or is it just me?.But because of the holiday seasons and an  unforeseen event that plan was put on hold. Just this week I was able to finally accomplished it.-- That's one dream that I'd hoped to be realized this year and it just did. Now,its time to focus on other agendas.

First, for my P.A.U.L.S. group, we are  organizing once again an outreach program for indigent students in Ilocos Sur.   Just like what we did before, we will be adopting a school where there are a high number of indigent students. As one of the organizers,it only means  another busy-days-ahead yet so fun and fulfilling. I do really  hope that our former High School batchmates will help and support us once more. I hope to equal or maybe surpass what we have accomplished two years ago.

 Personally , I  hope to stay fit and healthy always(not that I'm sickly)  so I can enjoy more of my trips and adventures. Not to mention, save up for future travel plans... Which  only means one thing to me, run more, exercise more so less visit to the Physical Therapist, that's a saving of 15euro per session. Ooops, there's one more, less shopping for more savings... With the yearly-month-long- winter sales on going right now that's a tough task for me!

As a blogger, I hope to update my blog website as often as I could. Less backlogs or better yet no backlogs at all..(I'm already working on that, geesh!)

As a traveller, though I'm living in Italy where the best city's in the world are at arms reach so to speak, there's something in me that  want to visit and explore Asian countries especially the  southern part of the Philippines, Mindanao.I would love to see and be mesmerized by its natural wonders and beautiful beaches. I really hope to realize this dream of mine if not this year then maybe next year would be fine.

And lastly, my ultimate dream as a travel blogger  is to backpack around the world.I'm sure it will not be happening any time soon but who knows I will really get lucky this year.... **fingers cross and wide grin**

                                  I DREAM, I PLAN,I HOPE = MIE'S ADVENTURES

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Blogger's Blog Carnival  for  January 2013  hosted by Roj Braga of The Adventures of Anventuroj with the theme "New Beginnings"

January 10, 2013


On the day of the Epiphany or commonly called Three Kings Day ,the official last day of Christmas season, we visited Calvaruso to take a look at  their Presepe. It's their last presentation for this holiday season... Almost if not all of the churches here in Italy have Presepe or Nativity scene on display during the Christmas season.Every presepe varies from sizes, shapes and forms. Some are mechanical others are even  motorized there were some if not mostly are  just plain statuettes.I remember we also own one  before, it was made of strong-kind of paper and it was like a puzzle. But the presepe I saw in this quaint town  in the province of Messina in southern Italy was one of a kind. The nativity scenes were presented  by no less than the locals themselves and the venu is  right in their own community.
the venue
 As I walked from one scene to another, I felt a different kind of sensation. Its like I was transported back centuries ago.  Christmas songs were played on the loud speaker and the cobble stoned-streets were dimly lit.Torches and candles all over the place added more effect.

 I was awed by how the participants played their respective parts of the scene. Some of the houses were transformed to look-like the original nativity. Their costumes were just like the dresses one would   usually see in the  movies. 
 It was fun seeing all of them enjoying what they were doing. It seems like it was natural for them. According to one local, they have been staging this event for about four years already. Another visitor said that this year's presentation was the most beautiful yet.
As we went up further on this hilly community of Villafranca Tirrena, the scenes were more interesting. There were some who   offered wines and breads. They were very accomodating for photo ops.
 What really struck me aside from the very good location and solemnity of the set up was the participants, especially the young adults and children. While some kids at their age would make themselves busy with other things, they instead joined the elders on this amazing event.

 Lastly but the most important, the highlight of any nativity scene is the birth of Christ in the manger. This was presented complete with a cute-real baby!! 
Another surprise here is , with all the awesome sights and one of a kind experience, all of that were free. Just a donation  for the   improvement  of the presepe is all they ask in return.