September 15, 2013


The Sagada fellowship and unexpected side trips I Went up to Baguio all by  myself,  met up with a former office mate  and her sister , the latter ended up to  be my travel buddy.  We took the early bus going to Sagada and arrived there after six(6) butt -numbing hours. After checking-in at Gecko Inn, we went straight to the town's Tourism Office for registration. Right at this government office three (3) smaller groups of travelers ;me and my travel mate , two young couples and a solo traveler, formed one (1) bigger group. As our tour progresses, three (3) professors joined our group. Initially, we thought of grouping together to save for tour guide fees but little did we all know we would all be gaining new friends.

From hiking , trekking to chasing waterfalls and cave spelunking our group didn't seem grow tired of each other. From morning to sundown until all shops were all closed we were at each others company. From breakfast to lunch to dinner we bonded together . It was not my plan nor my new found friends' to go to Bontoc and Banaue but we all ended up taking the trip to accompany our Mexican and German friends.  They stayed in Banaue while the rest of us traveled back to Baguio but this time taking another route, the Nueva Ecija - Santa Fe route.
 With  heavy heart but full of fond memories, we parted ways at the Philippine's summer capital, Baguio, were we all started our Sagada Adventure. 

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