April 5, 2014


One of the more popular tour in Sagada is the Echo Valley tour.  This walking tour includes the famous hanging coffins, the underground river and the Bokong falls or more known as the small falls.
St. Mary's Church
 The tour usually starts at the tourist center going to the direction of the St. Mary's Church .Passing through the church's courtyard you will reach the town's catholic cemetery. Walk pass  the tombs and you will reach the hanging coffins view point. Admire the hanging coffins from afar and try also to shout and you will hear your voice's echo,well  that's why its called Echo valley. 
the viewpoint
After the hanging coffins, we continued our trek  going deeper into the valley. Prepare yourself  to an uneven, slippery and  almost vertical  trail paths. Some were even  so narrow that only one person can pass at a time.
   Along the way we passed by a cave that is now close to the public. The cave looks like a face with its mouth open. It was not easy to  reach the underground river. The road was rocky and we had to climb big boulders of rocks without any harnesses. 
cave entrance
After the rocky hike, the underground river comes to full view. The river is running under the cave's chamber, that's why its called underground river isn't it? 
The only way we can continue our trek is to go inside the cave and exit at its other opening. This would mean another slippery and rocky climb on the cave's very dark chamber. It would not take long though because the cave is not that big. 
From here, the trek were almost all ascending passing through farms and houses until we reached the main highway. You may opt to take a break here because it would be another long walk . Once at the falls, take sometime to take pictures or take a plunge on its cold water.
the trail from the highway going to the small falls

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