February 23, 2014


Sagada is a town in Mountain Province  rich in natural resources and traditions. One of that tradition is hanging the coffins of their dead relatives. Though it is not practice anymore, it is now  historical or more on cultural site and has become  one of the most visited areas  in town. These hanging coffins were made  of carved-woods. 
There are two ways to see the coffins, either go to the viewpoint or go further down and see it up close. If you decide on the latter, I would suggest getting a tour guide   to avoid getting lost. Besides the path is very tricky and dangerous especially to first time visitors.
just one of the many almost vertical trails
red circle as indicated by the blue arrow is the hanging coffins as seen from the viewpoint
hanging coffins up close
It is interesting to note that the coffins were already old but  still intact. The latest addition was on 2010. One thing that strike anyone who sees it up close is the chair beside one of the coffins. The story according to our guide is that they hanged the chair together with the coffin so that the person buried there would have something to sit-on  on his/her next life.
Going further into  the heart of the  forested valley, we saw another site of hanging coffins . This one is a mystery on how they were able to put the coffins. It were inserted into a hollow space of the rock mountain. Even our guide is at lost on how was it possible. 
 Sagada natives don't practice the tradition anymore instead they now  follow the modern way of burying the dead. Coming here from the town, you will actually passed by the town's  Catholic cemetery.

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