January 19, 2014


Buridek Children's  Museum: A children's museum in the country's most child friendly city.

On the 8th day of September in 2008, the historical city of Vigan Inaugurated the Buridek Children's Museum. It is the first children's museum in Northern Luzon and only the third in the whole country. The other two are the Museo Pambata in Manila and the Museo Sang Bata  Sa Negros in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. 
The museum's name "Buridek "  which means younger sibling    is located inside the Mira Hills Fil-Hispanic Friendship Park or more locally known as just  Mira Hills. The park in itself is already a tourist attraction. There's the recently opened zip line that   would surely delight the kids, a swimming pool and picnic tables for the whole family or just sit, relax and enjoy the lush greenery. The  tall concrete structure which in fact is a water reservoir would surely ignite tourist's curiosity. For parties and other occasions the sprawling  park would be a perfect venue. Its  souvenir shop sells various memorabilia. 
The establishment of the  Buridek Museum only manifest Vigan's  advocacy to be a child friendly  city. Proof is, it's already relegated to the Hall of Fame status for winning the "Most Child Friendly Component City in the Philippines" for three consecutive years. 

Note: All photos used in this post are courtesy of  Raissa Villanueva and the Buridek Children's Museum. Raissa is the manager of the museum.For more information, visit their Facebook Fanpage ...

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