January 17, 2014


No doubt Vigan is one of the "IT places " when it comes to Philippine tourism . This small city in Ilocos Sur province is one of the most visited place in the northern part of the country.  I personally know many travellers and tourists alike who put Vigan in their bucket lists.  Here, I enumerated most of the  tourist attractions the Historical Town of Vigan have to offer.

Calle Crisologo - this famous cobblestone street undoubtedly is the most prominent attraction of Vigan. This  street is one reason why  the city made it to the UN World Heritage Lists of Sites and Monuments.Click here for more on Calle Crisologo.
St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral - the equally prominent landmark built in   1641. The Cathedral have been a witness of many local historical religious rites.Click here for more pictures and story.
Plaza Salcedo - This plaza or square is strategically located between the Capitol Hall  and the St. Paul Cathedral on booth ends, the City hall on its one side.  The city's newest attraction. Dancing Fountain and Laser Lights show, can be found here
 Plaza Burgos - the plaza or square named after one of the famous martyred priests, GOMBURZA, Father Jose Burgos. Most if not all of the city's cultural celebrations and other festivities are held here. The plaza's location is somewhat at the center of the Cathedral and the Crisologo St. and surrounded by stalls selling empanada, one of the city's

Crisologo Museum - This  is the old house of the Crisologo family of Vigan turned into museum. The Crisologo clan were once  political force in the province.
 Burgos Museum -  Just like the Crisologo Museum, this museum is also the old house of a  famous Ilocano, the  martyred priest, Father Jose Burgos.

Buridek Museum - It is located inside the Fil-Hispanic Friendship Park or more popularly known as Mira Hills. Buridek which means younger sibling is said to be one of the country's only three children's museum. The park is actually in itself a tourists attraction. Amenities includes a swimming pool, open air amphitheater and recently , zip line for kids. Click here to visit its  Facebook page and here for the article.
photo credit: Raissa Villanueva of Buridek Children's Museum
 Baluarte  - is former Governor Chavit Singson's bailiwick. For years the former  provincial czar had his private abode  open to the public.

Pagburnayan - "pagburnayan" meaning jar makers is a village right at the town center. The famous Vigan jars are manufactured here.

Hidden Garden  -  for nature lovers this is a must visit in Vigan. They have different varieties of plants plus a coffee shop right at the garden. 
Vigan City Fiesta-  it is the feast day of the conversion of the Patron Saint of Vigan, St. Paul, held every 25th of January. Thus, most locals especially the older generations would call  this fiesta as "conversion". Among the most anticipated event is the Longanisa Festival. Longanisa is the city's own version of sausage. It is also during  the week long fiesta they celebrate the city hood anniversary of Vigan.  
photo credit: Roxane Villanueva
Holy Week - locally known as "Semana Santa" is one of the most crowded event of the city. Different religious activities are held all through out the Holy Week. Without a doubt,the most attended is the "prosisyon" (procession). They paraded the religious statues depicting the Life and Death of Jesus around the city. The number of  devotees and spectators  joining the procession is countless. I have yet to see a place where the crowd is as huge like in  Vigan during the Holy Week.
photo credit: Roxane Villanueva
Viva Vigan Festival of Arts - this is held on the first week of May. It was used to be called Tres de Mayo -  translated to 3rd of May.The religious festival is known as  "Fiesta ni Apo Lakay" referring to the Black Nazarene. During the fiesta all religious celebrations are held at the small church or what they call "Simbaan nga Bassit".It was in year 2002 when   Binatbatan festival, street dancing competition, was introduced and  is now  one of the fiesta's  main attraction. The week long celebration includes other equally must watch activities like  the Kalesa Parade(dressed up horse drawn carriages) and Karbo festival (painted carabaos) . 
photo credit: Raissa Villanueva
photo credit: Raissa Villanueva
 Raniag, Vigan Twilight Festival - it is the city's way of celebrating Halloween. Raniag is the Ilocano term for light. Different activities are held for couple of days which includes, the Lantern Parade, Raniag street dancing and Float parades.
photo credit: Raissa Villanueva
photo credit: Raissa Villanueva
photo credit: Raissa Villanueva

Note: I would like to thank my twin friends, Raissa and Roxane Villanueva for letting me use their photos. Raissa manages the Buridek Children's Museum while Roxane  works at the Vigan City Hall under the office of the City Vice Mayor.

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