February 12, 2013


Its a miracle how two complete  strangers meet and then  fall in love but it takes  another miracle to mend a broken heart especially when suddenly one of the lovers just walk away without even saying goodbye ,worse was he made you believed that he still loves you  but in reality he is already living in together with his new flame.

Cliche but really that famous adage  is definitely true..  For who would have thought that their- not- so- incriminating   group picture published in his social media account that  I  registered it myself would send my world crumbling down?   For who would have  thought that by seeing just the tip of his fingers over the  girls shoulder would  make me suspect that there's something going on between them? Yes, the  discovery was painful because   the truth was just in front of my eyes but it was more hurtful because they made me  look like stupid and not to mention the betrayal.

I guess its safe to say that  it is  normal for any person who have a  broken heart to cry, to feel depress and lonely , but    I couldn't ...  I couldn't cry out loud because I didn't like my family to  see me  in distraught. I've tried my one good old therapy which is shopping. It was with no good... Finally, I sought refuged in the Sanctuary of the Black  Madonna in Tindari.
the Black Madonna of Tindari
 The miraculous Black Madonna of Tindari without a doubt  healed me. She casted a miracle and helped me  put back to pieces  my heavily- torned heart. Indeed ,She touched me with Her healing grace.

 This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Blogger's Blog Carnival for February 2013 with the theme "WHERE DO (TRAVELLERS WITH) BROKEN HEARTS GO?" hosted by  the Rakistang Nars  , Rain Amantiad-Campanilla


  1. So sorry to hear that you are upset. Only time can heal these wounds. Take care!

    1. Thank you Aryn! Time really heals all wound. I am now broken heart -free

  2. "Its a miracle how two complete strangers meet and then fall in love but it takes another miracle to mend a broken heart especially when suddenly one of the lovers just walk away without even saying goodbye" --> Very true!

    And Italy - what a beautiful place to take refuge! :D

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping by.

      Indeed, Italy is captivating.

  3. who wouldn't be healed in a place like Tindari!
    I envy you ;-)

  4. Hi Ron,

    Tindari is really a nice place to go and meditate... I'm inviting you to come and see Tindari! :)


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