December 16, 2011


 The Potsdamer platz ,the square located between the American, British and Russian sectors, was once  the busiest and one of the liveliest squares in Europe. It was a major public transport hub and a popular entertainment district not until 1943 when it was bombed by allied forces.most of the area became part of the No Man's Land of the Berlin Wall 
It was completely flattened with the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 when the demolished buildings were pulled down.
Redevelopment begun after  the fall of the Berlin Wall.Potsdamer Platz became the largest construction site in Europe.
The project included the construction of several landmark towers, a shopping arcade, an entertainment center and residential buildings

The first building completed was the Debis tower, designed by Renzo Piano.  the Sony Center,a complex that includes an Imax theater and an office tower.
 Its neighbor, the brown-brick Kohlhof building featured an observation deck at a height of 93m.

The large new underground station, shopping arcade and entertainment center have brought new life to thePotsdamer Platz.

Their own version of Hollywood's walk of fame 

The Europe's oldest traffic light ..

and Berlin's famous stop sign ...

Part of the original Berlin wall on display at the square ..

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